Orange Pomelo

Product introduction

Orange pomelo is one of the traditional Precious fruits in China, it was used to be a tribute for royal long time ago. It can be stored for about 3 months in 5degree to keep fresh when pick down from trees. Honey pomelo is light green firstly , then it will turn golden yellow slowly and slowly. When Nov middle the skin colour will be golden colour totally , flesh is delicious, sweet but a bit acid, Juicy and soft, normally bix is up 10 to 14 . also the skin is thin, inside flesh no seed, According to scientific research found that Per 100g pomelo contains 0.5g Fat , 0.8g Protein, 56 Kcal, Per 100 ml pomelo juice contains 9.17~9.86 g sugar,0.734-1.011 g Titratable acid, 48.93-51.98 mg Vitamin C (at most 61.78 mg), meantime, it has magnesium, calcium, copper and other minerals and so on. Pomelo is used in treating cough, swelling, vomiting, indigestion, in removing phlegm and resolving alcohol toxins and hangover, undoubtedly, it is a natural healthy food.

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